HZ's Qianyun Community celebrates Mid-autumn Festival with Yue Opera
Hangzhou News   2021-09-17 10:36   Source:City Express

HZ's Qianyun Community celebrates Mid-autumn Festival with Yue Opera

“With blooming flowers and a full moon people welcomes a reunion, with the brightness and the most enjoyable vibe the garden is brimming with laughters ." As the Chinese saying goes, the mid-autumn Festival has witnessed the customs being passed down including worshiping the moon, appriciating the moon, tasting mooncakes, drinking osmanthum wine, and the fullness of the moon signifies the reunion of families. 

On Sept 16, Hangzhou's Qianyuan Community joined hands with Hangzhoufeel to host a cultural event named " A Celebratiion of Mid-autumn Festival with Yue Opera and the Charm of Song Dynasty" as a gala for the local residents and internationals, overseas Chinese with their relatives, the newly employed people, and retired military officers with their relatives in the form of traditional drama appreciation.

The Yue Opera performance started with an episode taken from the classic Red Dream Mansion, which attracted a great number of audience, followed by more treasured selections that local residents are familiar and fasicinated with. The elegant quality in the singing and the sincere presentation of the actreses have won great rounds of applause from their spectators who sang along with unsatiated yearnings. Some foreign spectators even got the chance to wear the outift and rock the long sleeves in a mimicking way. "I could truly feel the glamor of China’s traditional Yue opera through this very event."said Tan, an Australian Chinese photographer. 

It would not be a Mid-autumn Festival without mooncakes. The community has long been ready with an activity of DIY snow skin mooncakes. The participants ate their productions after the session with smiles lingering on their faces. 

The community also took this great chance to promote the idea of waste classification, with volunteers handing out pamphletes on this subject. The receipiants include the deliverymen of Deadline, an e-commerce platform centering on delivering fresh vegetable. 

Qianyun Community has been implementing and taking the lead in the internationalization in term of its management mode of grass-roots by party building and generating resouces to drive the people to the level of common prosperity. The coersive force of the party and its people is also greatly enhanced by catering to the needs of its residents.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian