Dance at Golden Autumn to hit HZ stage
Hangzhou News   2021-09-17 10:19   Source:City Express

Dance at Golden Autumn to hit HZ stage

“Dance at Golden Autumn” by Jin Xing Dance Theatre Shanghai will be staged at Hangzhou Yue Theatre in November. It is the first time for Jin Xing Dance Theatre Shanghai to hold a dance performance month. In total, the performance month brings together three repertory works, six grand theatre performances, nine young choreographers’ works, five dance workshops and one Jinxing’s lecture.

The highlight of the performance month is three works of the Jin Xing Dance Theatre Shanghai, which span the entire 3 decades of Jin Xing and her dance theatre’s creations.

Shanghai Tango is composed of 10 independent plays, including Footsteps, Four Happiness, Half Dream, The Red and The Black, and Red Wine. It is the work of art that best represents the style of Jin Xing.

Trinity is three dance works with different styles created by three choreographers from different countries, which are the inspirations of choreographers from China, Israel and the Netherlands.

Wildflowers is a new work of Jin Xing Dance Theatre Shanghai in 2018, which took nearly four years to design and polish. Through the interpretation of the unique attitude of stubborn survival of wildflowers, the performance will bring the audience a special experience.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian