Where can you watch badminton soccer and rollerskating matches during HZ Asian Games?
Hangzhou News   2021-08-30 14:34   Source:City Express

With a year to go to the 2022 Asian Games, many people are keeping an eye on the preparations of the venues. 

Here is the rundown of some major venues for the Games.

Binjiang Gymnasium

Not far from the famous "big lotus" stadium, the "bowl-shaped" Binjiang Gymnasium is also worth expecting. Having previously staged the basketball games, it has been redesigned to the badminton court.

The conversion works included altering the court layout, lights, and other components, and adding 3,000 seats, referee rooms, infirmaries, and equipment rooms as required.

After the Games, the stadium will be utilized as a fitness center for all of the Hangzhou residents.

Xiaoshan Sports Center Stadium 

Completed in 1989, the Xiaoshan Sports Center Stadium is one of the earliest stadiums in Hangzhou. 30 years later, it will upgrade to accommodate soccer and weightlifting for next year.

The transformation went thoroughly from stadium structure, facade to interior decoration. Pipelines, power supply, and lighting systems have all been removed and reinstalled.

The stadium incorporated flowing curves into the design, expressing the fighting spirit in sports. The 2 huge LED screens and 220 outspeakers are placed around the stadium to give over 10,000 audiences an extraordinary viewing experience.

Qiantang Roller Sports Center

Qiantang Roller Sports Center is ready to host skateboarding and roller-skating matches, as it's in the process of passing the delivery inspections.

Covering an area of 36 thousand sqr meters, the stadium incorporates the elements of Hangzhou's silk and tea culture and the Asian Games.

On Aug 22, with the professional athletes from Haining International Roller Sports Center shifting on the tracks, the first test match was successfully concluded.

Author:Wu Yuehua  Editor:Wang Jian