Come and Enjoy Anti-seasonal Cherry Blossoms in Hangzhou Taiziwan Park
Hangzhou News   2021-08-30 14:48   Source:Hangzhou.com.cn

A cherry tree in Hangzhou Taiziwan Park began to put forth its blossoms out of season recently. According to the staff, cherry trees in the Park bloom sporadically in late summer and early autumn almost every year. While this year sees a particularly earlier one even though there is only one cherry tree blooming to date. It is probably due to the typhoon in July, which leads to lower temperature in the city (always at about 30°C afterwards), compared with that in past years in dog days. Higher humidity as a result of persistent precipitation may be the other reason. Both factors stated above have caused the weather-sensitive early cherry trees in the park to mistake it for flower season and start working hard to produce buds and flowers.

Author:Reporter WANG Xiaoyu Correspondent GAO Fei  Editor:Wang Jian