New gadget to lure tourists at Xianghu Lake
Hangzhou News   2021-08-26 11:04   Source:Reporter Yang Chaobo

Hangzhou Xianghu Lake scenic spot launched a new cultural tourism product called "Taking a Shot" recently, which enables tourists to make an exquisite vlog in a few seconds.

It only takes several steps for tourists to use the device. First, visitors need to stand in front of the device and wave towards the camera. They can also pose to make the video clip more interesting.

After finish the shooting, visitors can scan the QR code on the device and choose their favorite templates for editing. The optional templates have the characteristics of Xianghu Lake by adding a leaf of boat and other elements into the video.

Finally, visitors can download the video and share it with family and friends.

Author:Tianmu News  Editor:Wang Jian