Hangzhou Fascinates Journalists from Overseas Mainstream Media
Hangzhou News   2021-10-13 14:00   Source:City Express

What’s Hangzhou like on earth in the eyes of foreign journalists who are now touring around and collecting information in the city? They visited Geely Group and NetEase (Hangzhou) R&D Center on the first day and went to Xixi National Wetland Park and China (Hangzhou) Artificial Intelligence Town on the second day, realizing that Hangzhou is a city full of the sense of technology and the atmosphere of humanism.


Foreign journalists busy filming how tea leaves are fried by an experienced tea farmer

NetEase Fuxi’s virtual human dancing with the music played by a foreign journalist

A Japanese journalist trying the latest VR technology of Pimax, a technological innovation enterprise, at the Artificial Intelligence Town

Author: LIU Yimei (Reporter) YU Tingli (Trainee reporter) Photo by XU Yaqi  Editor:Wang Jian